FABio pinto (guitar solo) 

Tetsuo II REmix - improvised Soundtrack

Live guitar processed through Ableton and Max for Live devices

marquis malanga (ex kamikaze)

active naive

video by Tatum Rush 

marquis malanga (ex kamikaze) - LIVE AT LE BOURG (LAUSANNE)

camera: giuseppe greco
sound: kaspar hochuli
lights: alexandre gaeng


CAMERA OPERATOR: Mattias lintner
DOP: francisco mece
hair and MAKE UP ARTIST: gianluca venerdini
COSTUME DESIGNer: rufina rudolph

FEATURED ON noisey/vice

Kamikaze - Crestfallen (official videoclip)

Production: Tokyo Data Studios
Director: Alexandre Gaeng
Camera operator: Gilles Brönnimann
DOP: Cristian P. Zamora
Make up artist: Szilvia Kiss
Hair designer: Eve Langoux
Costume design: CEXN // clothing art

Featured on The Independent UK

Domi Chansorn - locked inside of a status (live at powerplay studios)

Director: Sarah Rathgeb

Two years ago I decided to overcome my shyness and I sang a song for my girlfriend's ears only. I don't know why exactly, but I chose this song. She had never heard me sing before and as the song was over, something in her look made me want to continue exploring my voice and write my own music. A song can indeed change our lives. Thank you and farewell Mr. Bowie... ★

Posted by Fabio Pinto on Monday, January 11, 2016

A humble tribute to David Bowie recorded in my home studio in Lugano.